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By: Christopher Ryan Maboloc

You tell me
To let you go,
That I should just stop,
For this thing leads nowhere,
And that even forever is a lie,
Though it’s true love
That we both swear!

You bid me
To do nothing,
But you said,
You cried in the rain,
In misery, you speak,
That you are nothing,
That love is so hopeless,
Like some dying tree.

You asked me
To forget everything,
That I should just sleep
And let my thoughts go away,
For how could you just stay,
When I can do nothing.

You told me too
That you have let go a man,
Who loved you for what you are,
Despite your imperfections,
And so you tell me, why?
We can’t be together too!

But you shared something,
That in the grave of fireflies,
Same sad story is told,
About Seita and Setsuko,
Two beings dying for love,
Two reckless yet upright souls,
Caught in the midst of war.
Ah, you always tell me,
That we can’t be together,
That it hurts that you love
Me more each day,
That it feels so painful
Like some toxic hay.

Back in the grave of fireflies
Her majesty buries them all,
Wondered why
All of them had to die,
Why her mother has to die,
Why true love has to die.

But one moonlit night
I told you this –
That I don’t live
Just for your kiss –
In our walk through eternity,
It is the beauty of your eyes,
Yes my fair lady,
That I don’t want to miss.

End the silence of the gagged!

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