Call for Entries: Banaag Diwa 2017
Atenews 2017
over 7 years ago

Sexuality. Social Status. Race. Religion. We are in a man-made pyramid – each level, each class, each category defined by stereotypes. As it seeks to raise awareness about this issue, Atenews is now accepting short stories, poems, and photo essays for its annual literary folio, Banaag Diwa. Contributors can now submit their works that depict

Corporal Trade
almost 9 years ago

By: Karen Kae I tremble before each man who stops by with the sight of the façade of my limbs and legs. They seem so undoubted to move and unfold and hold the sheets of my being. They seem so eager to indulge and give in their hands yearning to be in my pocket, wanting

almost 9 years ago

By: Duane Allyson U. Gravador all is that whatsoever. difference any made have I if know to like would I and end the from begun have I

I am
almost 9 years ago

By: Jancario Quibod I am Patricia’s unfounded love I am Chuck’s bastard son I am Jill’s nipple I am John’s colon cancer I am Jack’s medulla oblongata I am Anna’s sick desire I am Bill’s suicide note I am Michelle’s vagina I am Jan’s smirking revenge I am Bea’s sexual desire I am Michael’s jack-full-of-surprises

almost 9 years ago

By: Krisini Nanini You left nothing but bitterness on my lips a perfect bliss


End the silence of the gagged!

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