May 11, 2015 (3:05 AM)

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By: Jancario Quibod

I am Patricia’s unfounded love
I am Chuck’s bastard son
I am Jill’s nipple
I am John’s colon cancer
I am Jack’s medulla oblongata
I am Anna’s sick desire
I am Bill’s suicide note
I am Michelle’s vagina
I am Jan’s smirking revenge
I am Bea’s sexual desire
I am Michael’s jack-full-of-surprises
I am Trixie’s inner darkness
I am Johnny’s erection
I am Joanna’s sexual intercourse
I am Scott’s murderous intent
I am Morrie’s blow job
I am Fred’s weed
I am Janie’s breast cancer
I am Copper’s cold sweat

I am Vanessa s urinary track infection
I am Lewis’ gunshot wound
I am Elissa’s fashion statement
I am Chris’s pimple
I am Marie’s creampie
I am Alex’s dumb-founded friend
I am Victoria’s cum shot
I am Billy’s untold dream
I am Veronica’s greed
I am Peter’s unbelieving creed
I am Thomas’ doubt
I am Joshua’s motherfucker
I am my Fathers loss
I am my Mother’s grief
I am my Family’s black sheep
I am Mary’s de-virginizer
I am Jesus’ crucifier
I am the Holy Spirit’s exorcist
I am God’s unwanted son.

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