“Maka inis,” “Ka-ganda,” and other things every Atenean can relate to (F2F+ Version)
Jaecian Onoh Cesar and Jerson Francisco
20 days ago

August slipped away into a moment in time. It’s quite hard to believe that it has been a month since we all went back to the campus. It’s even harder to imagine that prelims is just right around the corner. This isn’t a dream. We are sooo back in our second home, where we will

21 days ago

Tagubtob is a Binisaya term meaning “resounding” or “resonant.” This new, fresh, and light-hearted section of Atenews showcases the simple everyday moments that resonate with every Atenean. Every piece in Tagubtob takes readers through the rich and vibrant culture of the Ateneo, from chika sessions in the Gazebo to major victories in the Martin Hall,

Internalized Homophobia: Delving into the Mind of a Homophobic Homosexual
Giancarlo Rafael Tabios
3 months ago

Imagine growing up hearing from your family and friends that being gay is a sin, that being gay is an illness, and that being gay is a crime, so your mere existence should be condemned and eradicated. Now imagine that you discovered at some point that you are gay. Because of that, you try to

The spaces we create in dump accounts
Arch Sealtiel Ventura
5 months ago

With social media platforms easily available at our fingertips, we are able to expose fragments of our lives that make many of our stories whole. We virtually create social spheres, making spaces to allow the world into the narrative. We start letting people in through doors and not just hold them outside as they peek

Of neglected campaigns and misplaced priorities: The steep road back to #LigtasNaBalikEskwela
Jaecian Onoh Cesar
5 months ago

To a few students, the long journey back to the classrooms culminated with a heart-pounding drumbeat and exhilarating school chants. To some, it may simply be just sitting still in front of a laptop and being marooned inside the confines of their homes. Again.   Such was the case on September 5, 2022, when the Iskolars


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