December 7, 2015 (12:17 PM)

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Photo by Alexis Matthew Reyes

Photo by Alexis Matthew Reyes

The CS Chameleons championed at the Palarong Atenista Sudoku Tournament yesterday.

Kimberly Lim won the top for her division. Following her are Nicole Molina of the SEA at second, and Ruby Alyssa Cabello at third.

The puzzles at the tournament consisted of different variations of Sudoku. Samurai (which included five puzzle overlapping), Wordoku (which used letter instead of the numbers 1-9), Kendoku (which included arithmetic in the puzzle), Irregular Sudoku (where the regions with darker outline are not the traditional squares) and Futoshiki (which included inequality symbols to be followed) were some of the Sudoku variations the contestants solved.

When Carla Tiu (the person who prepared the puzzles) was asked which of the puzzles are the most difficult, “Sa tinggin ko Kendoku,” she said. “Maraming [contestants] hindi na ‘yun sinagutan.”

However, for the champion that was not the most difficult.

“Yung irregular puzzles,” Lim said were the difficult puzzles for her. She did stumble at the Kendoku puzzle.

Lim had been playing Sudoku since she was in grade school. Since, she has also been participating in Sudoku competitions.

“Quick thinking, and attention to detail are needed [in Sudoku],” Carla Tiu said.

For Lim, Sudoku requires patience. As she explained, the player must keep him/herself calm under the time pressure.

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