October 13, 2023 (2:25 PM)

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Graphic by John Shenon Uy

It’s that time of the year again, deafening cheers, supportive peers, and the diverse populace we love to see and hear! 

Every year, the Ateneo campus is filled with colors and loud voices for the Ateneo Fiesta. However, this year, what we once knew as the Ateneo Fiesta has rebranded into the Ateneo University Fest (UFest). (But despite the new event name, the branding remains to be Sadya. Some things never change, huh?)

The UFest is indeed the university’s most wonderful time of the year when students get to enjoy the absence of classes, join different activities by different organizations, and lastly, feel the university life finally come back after years of health-related restrictions. For this year’s UFest, we now present the different types of Ateneans that come as a package deal every year! Do you identify as these types of Ateneans in this UFest? 

1. The Blue Knight Athletes

With the UFest coinciding with the finals of the Palarong Atenista, seeing students in athletic wear sweating and walking in the so-called lakad varsity manner will never be inevitable. They prove that Ateneans are not just academically inclined but are also skilled in other aspects as they juggle both their academic and athletic responsibilities. Through the support of their friends, coaches, and respective clusters, they showcase their powers in every game.

And let’s be honest, a lot of these athletes are cute (some of them might fit into Type #7).

2. The Major in Orgs

The sound of running footsteps accompanied by the clatter of all-access IDs clashing with AdDU IDs, it signifies the arrival of the BS Major in Org Works Atenean! With their org polo shirts as armor and concept papers as weapons, they are the backbone of every Ateneo event, including the UFest! These Ateneans also suffer from tremendous back pain from carrying the weight of all their organization deliverables while handling academic responsibilities, so kudos to these Ateneans!

3. The Zoro Followers

Loyal followers of the Strawhat Crew’s Right-hand man, Roronoa Zoro, who, just like him, are the best at wandering around. Although, at first glance, they would appear to be lost. 

Often misidentified as social media influencers because of their constant roaming about, these types are on their journey to find.. whatever it is they’re trying to find. Their compass spins around frantically, with no set destination in mind, and mostly just to quench their curiosity and or there’s nothing else better to do. Some explore AdDU’s vast and wide campus, others go back and forth between the Palaro games and the booths, and a bunch just openly loiter around the halls and open areas. It’s hard to tell if these types of Ateneans are in need of directions or not, but ironically, they’re always the ones who know what’s going on in the events most of the time.

4. The “Oplan Hanap Pogi”

Honorary members of the Pacute Squad, all equipped with Sharingan-like eyesight. This bunch would actively roam about the campus with their radar up and ready for the hidden eye candies. Some are discreet, some are passionate, some are just looking for something to add flavor to the event. Looking high and low for the princes of AdDU, these Ateneans are also geared up with social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, you name it, as a means to try and pinpoint the campus crushies. Despite their differences, these Ateneans have one common goal: to find cuties on campus.

5. The Ghosts

UFest who? All they know is that October 12-14 is their mental health break from university duties!

Not much is known about this mysterious bunch besides their ultimately different IG stories compared to the rest of their fellow Ateneans enjoying the UFest. These types are the complete opposite of the attendance-driven Ateneans. Some call them flakers, others call them legends as they celebrate but only in spirit. The search for them is the equivalent of ghost hunting on the campus, wherein, in rare occurrences, they ring up your phone asking for updates about events. Perhaps they’re trying to find something better to do other than what they’re doing outside the school.

6. Mx. A Day in the Life of an Atenean

“Hey, everyone! Welcome to a day in the life of an Atenean. Come with me as we explore the campus this UFest! #fyp #Sadya2023”

With their high-definition phone cameras and microphones, our resident Atenean influencers are ready to invade the world, the Ateneo rather! Ateneans creating content for YouTube is not something new, but with the rise of TikTok, we are witnessing an increase in students getting into the world of content creation. 

In this day and age, you shouldn’t be shocked when these vloggers suddenly approach you with their cameras and ask you your name and course and what was your favorite part of the UFest. Also, be camera-ready at all times! You might be featured in their social media accounts.

7. The Campus Crush 

Of course, the type of Atenean #4 wouldn’t exist if there was no one to look for in the first place. The university is a place of learning, but it is also a place filled with cuties! These Atenean eye candies are the reasons why a lot of students are motivated to continue their studies at AdDU.

How do you know that someone is a campus crush? They have heard this line multiple times, “Hello, papicture daw po friend namin.”

8. The “Sana All” Duo 

Couples aren’t a new thing here in the university, but it’s this time when the couples really get flushed out from the crowd! Some emerge as they cheer on their jowa in the sports events, also called the OG cheerleaders, the pawis wipers, and oftentimes, player 2. Others spend their UFest around the campus, spending quality time together as they not only enjoy each other’s company but also the event. One of the common types of people in the UFest, you’ll mostly find them everywhere. From the Martin Hall, to Arrupe Hall, the cafeteria, the gazebo –I mean everywhere. Often endearing, while other times peak PDA, these types of Ateneans aren’t afraid of showing their affection as they enjoy the events together while reminding ongoing onlookers that they’re still single. 

9. The Pinterest OOTD Angels 

More energy, more passion, more footwork! The whole ADDU campus is their runway with their purposely aesthetic appeal, with the purpose of making people’s heads turn as they catwalk. The styles often vary between idol core to gothic lolita or school boy/girl aesthetic, but one thing brings them together: they are built to look the look. You’d think there would be a fashion show event with how they’re carrying themselves as they roam about the campus enjoying the events. It’s fairly easy to spot these types, and even with just one glance, you can tell who prepared their Outfit of the Day and those who didn’t. Go slay!

Regardless of what type of Atenean you are, there is one thing that we all have in common: we all looked forward to this three-day UFest! Whether we are on campus cheering for our clusters, or at home using the time to rest, the UFest is indeed one of the Ateneans’ favorite times of the year. Hope that you enjoy the rest of the UFest, Ateneans!

End the silence of the gagged!

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