August 27, 2014 (9:49 AM)

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“This is our show, this is our time, magpaSEAkat na! It’s showtime!”

The School of Engineering and Architecture division conducted their division orientation last June 20, 2014 at the Finster Auditorium. The hall was jam-packed with students who were eager to make the most out of their first department celebration of the academic year. The excitement within the auditorium even extended to social media, as the event caused “#magpaSEAkat” to trend in twitter that night.

The emcees, EcE representative Jolu Zamudio, ChE represtative Rocar Tayor and Kalokalike 2013 winner Kiray, introduced Dr. Renyl B. Barroca, OIC Assistant Dean of the School of Engineering and Architecture. The latter then gave opening remarks to formally start the event. Samahan treasurer Allexy Flores also delivered a brief message about the role of the student council within the Ateneo.

Intermission numbers from the EASEC Committee and the SEA Octaves helped boost the high level of excitement within the auditorium. Several video clips about the clubs, organizations and courses offered by the department were then presented.

The main competition during the night was the Gandang Lalake pageant, adapted from the beauty pageant Gandang Babae in the popular noontime show Showtime. Each participant made a grand entrance on stage and delivered their respective talents afterwards. All eight contestants battled it out to prove to the judges how much they deserve to be crowned as Gandang Lalake 2014.

A live skit playing battle provided entertainment as the judges decided on the winners of the pageant. Each course was to send five members to join this activity. A scene from a television drama or movie will be flashed on stage for them to mimic.

The awarding ceremony then took place as each course looked forward to being crowned champion for this orientation night’s competitions. For the skit playing, third place went to the Industrial Engineering participants while the Mechanical Engineering team placed second. The Chemical Engineering team won first place.

Industrial Engineering took 2nd Runner-Up for the pageant, while 1st Runner-Up was given to the Electrical Engineering representative. Electronics and Communications Engineering contestant Kristoffe Abellera was then hailed as the champion of Gandang Lalake 2014. With his stunning performance of the song “Let It Go” from Disney’s Frozen, Kristoffe received a standing ovation from the entire division.

The SEA Talents then capped the night off with an electrifying dance performance that drew heavy cheering from the crowd.

“Without the EASEC committee, this celebration would not have been possible. The School of Engineering and Architecture family is indeed one to treasure,” an Architecture student commented.

End the silence of the gagged!

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