June 22, 2018 (9:48 AM)

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Highlighting the Jesuit influences in its educational foundation, Ateneo de Davao University (AdDU) celebrated a Votive Mass of the Holy Spirit presided by the University President Fr. Joel E. Tabora, S.J. on the morning of Thursday, June 21.

AdDU’s votive mass held a special intent- to create a better learning environment for its students.

During the homily, Tabora addressed the faculty and challenged them to a ‘great intellectual engagement in the University mission.’

This revolved mainly around the search and acceptance of the truth which was patterned after the opening words of Veritatis Gaudium: “The joy of truth expresses the restlessness of the human heart until it encounters and dwells in God’s Light and shares that Light with all peoples.”

“We focused on improved teaching, but saw that this is not possible without deeper research and more effective service of the community,” Tabora said, following through with a reminder that the challenge involves everyone.

Pope Francis’ recently published document, Veritatis Gaudium or the Joy of Truth, was the inspiration for the reformed systemic teaching.

The document is an ecclesiastical teaching guide that the president deemed appropriate to the needs of the University during this transition period.

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