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with Jhar-Mae Magalona

Fish ball, Squid ball, Shrimp ball, etc.

If you want to get the most out of your 10 pesos, then go for Fish ball/ Squid ball/ Shrimp Ball/ Crab nuggets or anything that is sold together with it in the cart. With your Php10.00 you will have 8-10 pieces of one variety already!

The problem with squid balls, fish balls, shrimp balls, etc. sold in streets is that they are made up of white flour which contains less nutrients. It might satisfy your grumbling tummy, but not the needs of your body.



Just a few months ago, there was a new addiction to the street food family, the hotdogs! Shortly after the hotdog stand opened, it instantly became popular. You can buy pritong hotdog on stick anywhere in Davao in just Php5.00 – Php.6.00. No wonder it became a hit -cheap and delicious!

Everyone knows that hotdogs are made up of meat. This means to say that hotdogs, like all types of meat products are rich in protein too.



In the Jacinto exit, you can see students eating taho usually in the afternoon. Unlike other vendors, the taho vendor does not stay in one place. This is why when the vendor passes by the gate students crowd in to buy.

For those who are striving to get thin, you should start loving taho. Its main ingredient is soya, which is good alternative for protein meals. It is low in fat and rich in fibre, perfect for losing weight. Healthy and cheap, taho is an ideal street food.



Looking for your favourite siomai? It’s not a problem when you are in the premises of Ateneo. You can find siomai in our food court. But if you really want to put emphasis on “siomai” as a street food  you can find them along Jacinto, Claveria and Roxas. With prices ranging from Php10.00 – Php28.00 you can slickly satisfy your dim sum cravings.

Well, siomai is made up of either pork or shrimp or beef. Its main ingredient is generally rich in Protein and Vitamins A, B and D.


Kwek-kwek & Proben

If you talk about street food, chicken products like kwek-kwek and proben will always be present. Everyone is familiar with kwek-kwek but for those who are not familiar with proben, it is actually grilled chickens’ proventriculus. Proben is sold at Php5.00 per stick while kwek-kwek is also sold at  Php5.00 for 3 pcs. You will find these outside the Roxas exit but occasionally they also appear in the Claveria Street during night time.

Proben contains iron and is rich in potassium and protein, and the best part is that it is low in sodium and fat. Kwek-kwek on the other hand is mainly boiled egg coated with orange flour. Contrary to the belief that taking regular consumptions of egg is bad, there are actually studies that show otherwise. In fact, egg is great for the eyes and contains vitamin D.



If you are a girl who is nearing the dreaded monthly visit, there is a specific fruit you would crave for, sour green mangoes! You will be able to buy peeled and sliced mangoes for Php5.00 along with guavas and papayas outside the Claveria gate. You can also buy roasted bananas (ginang-gang) sold nearby.

Fruits are good sources of vitamins and minerals. Bananas are rich in potassium; mangoes contain vitamins A and C; guavas contain vitamin C and are rich in fibre; finally papayas contain potassium and vitamins.


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