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It’s that time of the year again when kids and the young-at-heart don their scary yet creative costumes, when television channels show marathons of horror movies or series, and when people scare the living hell out of each other. So, in the spirit of Halloween, we have collected some stories from people who were willing to share their paranormal experiences with us.

“Noon ay hindi ako naniniwala sa mga multo dahil para sa akin ito ay isang kathang-isip lamang. Bagamat maraming nagsasabi na sila nga ay totoo, mahirap sa aking paniwalaan ito dahil ni minsan ay hindi ko pa ito naranasan. Ngunit, nagbago ang lahat noong ako’y tumuntong ng kolehiyo. Tumira ako sa isang dormitoryo malapit sa aming eskwelahan. Mag-isa ako sa kwarto at madalas ako rito nagpapalipas ng oras dahil gustong gusto ko ang katahimikan dito.

Nabasag ang katahimikang yun, nang isang gabi, habang ako’y naliligo, tila ba may malamig na hanginang dumampi sa aking mga balat. Nanindig ang balahibo ko nang sinundan ito ng isang mahinang bulong na para bang tinatawag nya ang pangalan ko. Noong umpisa ay hindi ko ito pinansin sa pag-aakalang guniguni lamang ito. Ngunit habang tumatagal, palakas nang palakas ang bulong na tila ba hinihingi ang saklolo ko. Doon ay napagtantoko na boses ito ng isang matandang babae na kaboses mismo ng aking lola na matagal nang yumao. Agad-agad akong tumakbo sa aking kama at nagtabon ng kumot at nagdasal hanggang sa makatulog. Hindi ko inakalang umpisa pa lamang iyon ng sunod-sunod na pagpaparamdam sa akin ng aking lola. Madalas ito sa tuwing ako ay nag-iisa at maging hanggang sa aking panaginip kung saan sya’y umiiyak at humihingi ng tubig.

Hanggang sa ngayon, isang malaking misteryo pa rin kung ano ang nais ipahiwatig ng aking lola at kung bakit sya humihingi ng tulong. Tanging dasal lamang para sa kanya ang naging tugon namin para rito.”



“It was the dawn of my birthday and I was praying the rosary in the dining room. In the middle of my prayer, I heard someone call my name. I thought it was my mom, because she was sleeping in the living room, so I just said, “ma?” My mom responded, “Yeng? O, happy birthday,” but she seemed to be half-awake when she said that. After that, I continued praying. A few minutes later, my left shoulder went cold, and again, I heard a voice call my name in a whisper.The voice was a bit husky and the way that voice said my name creeped me out.The same time I heard that voice, I felt something cold beside me, but I tried my hardest to ignore it and continued to pray. After praying the rosary, I hurriedly went inside my room to sleep. That was just one of the many encounters I have with paranormal entities. I guess you could say that I’m used to it already.”



“Our old house was a perfect archetype of all things haunted and horrific with its eerie atmosphere and antique structure, which one might consider as the thing of horror movies. Our neighbors would often hesitate to pass by at night, claiming that they feel a strange presence watching. A lot of unexplainable occurrences could be experienced in the house like heavy doors slamming, strange footsteps, and chilling whispers. One incident experienced by our neighbor happened one night, at 10pm. She was standing outside her store beside our house when she saw arms through the bars of our gate, waving. Then, she saw my mom coming the other way and greeted her, “Magandang gabi, hinintay ka talaga ng mga anak mo oh. Alam talaga nila na paparating ka na, nasa gate sila kumakaway.” My mom was shocked upon hearing this but greeted the good neighbor back. When she made it to the gate, nobody was there. She went inside and checked on us, to find us all asleep.

Another incident was relayed to us by our tenants- some students. It was late at night and they were finishing up their project, and, as group works go, they were making a lot of noise- lots of boisterous laughter, talking and teasing all at once. A few minutes later, they heard a big crash like a rock being thrown against a wall, followed by the sound of clay pots crashing and breaking. The sound was coming from outside the back door. They all went quiet until the weird noises stopped. Slightly panicked and scared, they wondered what could have happened outside but decided to call it a night and just check in the morning. The next day, they peeked outside to see the potted plants intact and the big rock near the comfort room in place. There were many accounts like these from our boarders and neighbors, but we didn’t mind. I guess we’ve learned to co-exist with these supernatural beings. Our old house is now gone and we decided to sell the lot. It now holds a dormitory near AdDU.”



“Seven to eight years ago, back when we were still living in Bantayan Island, inside the house we just rented, I was busy watching television inside our room. I was almost a meter away from the TV and as far as I could recall there was a sofa behind me since I was sitting on another seat by the window. I was so sure that my brother went inside and walked past me to sit by the sofa. Without looking at him, I greeted him but I heard no response. I thought he was just being a snob as he usually is, but when I asked again and looked at the direction of the sofa, he was not there. I didn’t know how that happened so I told my parents what happened the night after, and they said that my brother wasn’t even at home that time. Little did I know that there was a man who died in our room, the same spot where I was watching TV, due to electrocution. From that day on, I never stayed in the room without any one accompanying me.”


Happy Halloween!

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