August 9, 2020 (7:21 PM)

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Imma Concepcion Oani, AdDU-SHS Wellness and Testing Coordinator, talks about collaboration and handling diversity in work during the AdDU Junior People Management Association of the Philippines (JPMAP) first webinar, August 7. Screenshot by Tom Aaron Rica

To promote harmonious working relationships among employees, AdDU-SHS Wellness and Testing Coordinator Imma Concepcion Oani stressed the importance of self-awareness to students present in the first webinar organized by the AdDU Junior People Management Association of the Philippines (JPMAP), “Dealing with Co-Workers: Handling Different Personalities in the Workplace” last August 7.

Oani emphasized that people should understand themselves first before dealing with their co-workers to be capable of handling diversity in the workplace. 

“It has to begin with you. The way to deal [with] others is to deal with yourself first. When you master self-awareness, then we are able to understand them. And this leads to deal [with their] different common problem personalities,” stated Oani. 

The Registered Psychometrician further explained that failure to address personal issues and concerns will create conflict among workers in the long run. 

“This is what troubles the group all the time eh. Sometimes, hindi natin alam na tayo pala ang may problema. We don’t understand the side and the personality of that person because we don’t understand ourselves first. If hindi talaga natin maintindihan sarili natin sa simula palang, this could be a big problem in the future works,” she added. 

Building a better work environment

JPMAP External Vice President Ivy Camille Braga stated that the student organization thinks highly of the importance of understanding varieties of workplace personalities as the key to achieving teamwork and high productivity. 

JPMAP-AdDU hosted its first webinar session to promote harmonious working relationships among employees and achieve high productivity among collaborative teams. 

“As students from the human resource department, we believe that understanding the different kinds of personalities in the workplace is essential for the employees to have easy adjustment and teamwork with coworkers,” expresses Braga. 

“We believe that no matter what type of profession, collaborating with other people is essential, and dealing with co-workers is an important soft skill,” she added. 

As varieties of characters loom inevitably in the workplace, Braga also mentioned that they chose the topic to address these differences among teams or groups in all professions.   

“All types of work require collaboration with other people or teams. The reason why we chose this topic is because in the workplace, diversity is present and every person has a unique personality.”

She further emphasized that one must understand oneself in dealing with conflicts. 

“Given the fact that we don’t always get to choose the people who we work with, we must understand each other especially ourselves on how to react and deal with conflicts,” said Braga. 

The webinar consisted of students from various courses of AdDU School of Business and Governance Department such as human resource development and management, business management, marketing, finance, public management, entrepreneurship, agri-business, and accountancy.            

JPMAP-AdDU plans to conduct more webinar talks in the next months to come which will focus on the utilization of digital devices in human resources and the use of statistical software platforms.

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