February 26, 2016 (1:04 PM)

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In line with the celebration of the Ateneo College Days 2016, selected students from different departments presented their best researches at the second Samahan Research Congress held at the Finster Auditorium, Feb. 12. The research congress was hosted by the Samahan Research and Development Committee.

According to Samahan Research and Development Committee Head Rhea Pamela Edquila, the Research Congress was created “to showcase and exhibit the best researches of the departments.”

“Since [the] College Days is [a] celebration for excellence, we find it (Research Congress) relevant because robust research is in line with the academic excellence advocacy of our school. So it [also] means having an active discourse between the faculty members as well as the students to maintain disciplinary matters,” said Edquila.

The researches presented were deliberated by the assistant dean of each department, according to Edquila.

“The Research Congress is an exhibit of two theses chosen by the respective assistant dean [coming from each department],” she said.

The presented researches were:

“Mid or Feed: An Analysis on the Illocutionary Acts in Dota 2’s Chatbox” by Jose Martin Castrillo, Leonido Lusanez, and Roy Salipuran;

“Wanted Sweetheart as Matchmaking on Radio: The Courtship Orientation” by Jane Marie Echaure, Charmaine Jane Libre, and Adeline Claire Ponteras;

“Molecular Detection and Expression of merA and Mercury reduction by Pseudomonas putida” by Joselv Albano and Janelle Mirhan;

“AlkB1 gene expression by Pseudomonas aeruginosa in the degradation of linear low density polyethylene films” from the Natural Sciences and Mathematics Department;

“A Correlational Study Between Student’s Employment of Active Learning Strategies and Academic Achievement in Science Classes  among Grade 7 in Sta. Ana National High School” by Dianne Bulac, Vincent De Asis, Mark Jobert Ellaga, and Syrell Christian Lagrimas;

“Gender Roles in Nursery Picture Books in Ateneo de Davao University Preschool” by Anjelica Mari Solon, Joanne Villarba, Mae Mary Grezelle Apple Saumat, and Ma. Jannel Maicah Geron;

“Lived Experiences of People Living with HIV in Davao City” by Alex Ivan Juneforth Bolor, Jhoana Paula Mae Bautista, Janis Sushmita Marie Jamora, Jonah Venacio, and Danisse Izra Viernes;

“Multiple Camera Object Tracking and Data Stream Splicing” by Kirby Salvador and Joenabie Gamao;

“Profile of Ateneo Faculty with regard to Life Insurance” by Charleth Daye Antipolo, Christina Marie De Guzman, and Ramille Anthony Martinez;

“Braille Recognition System to Text and Speech for Android using OpenCV” by Peter Andrei Abellana and Bianca Sambrano;

“Portrayal of Inter and Intra Roles Among Selected Working Single Mothers in Davao City: Challenges and Dealings” by Joana Mae Fernandez, Lourdes Pichon and Klaudily Faith Rodriguez;

“Level of Knowledge, Level of Compliance, and Experiences of Selected Stakeholders Regarding Section 5 and 7 of City Ordinance No. 0361-10, series of 2010” by John Paulo Vicencio, Ergel Mae Rosal and Candyd Vivas; and

“Improvement and Development of a Fuel Efficient Prototype Vehicle: An Entry for Shell Eco Marathon 2016” by Nichol Ivan Allawan, John Mark Diel and Edel Jan Ugdang.

Students from different divisions and some faculty members attended the said Congress.

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