March 12, 2020 (10:00 PM)

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Development Communication Practitioner Cecilia Rodriguez gives a talk on trends in broadcast media.

To prepare the Mass Communication and Communication students for their deployment, professionals from all over Davao gathered to give the students advice on media trends and internships.

With the advancement of technology, the professionals recommended learning to navigate through social media and keeping up with innovation.

Amalia Cabusao, current Editor-in-Chief of Mindanao Times, explained that their company utilizes, instead of competing with technology, to spread the news.

“Print’s not dead because what we write is posted on the internet,” she said.

Cabusao also shared that the students should be careful and choose jobs that align with their values.

Citing the broadcast media Raffy Tulfo in Action, she explained that it is entertaining, but uses shame to garner such entertainment.

“That journalism is about shaming, and we don’t do that. If you have something to say, you go through the right processes. Good journalism is about accuracy and the right information,” Cabusao said.

When it came to working on the field, Honey Wong, Marketing Manager of Damosa Land, Incorporated, touched on the proper mindset of a media practitioner.

“Millenials right now are being branded as “fickle-minded” or dili maka stay sa isa ka lugar. We are adventurous and want to try out lots of things. But at the same time, be excellent in everything you do,” she said.

Wong then advised the students to be confident despite the pressure that comes from work.

“You need to be resilient. You need to be confident despite being scolded, despite being discouraged sometimes. You need to move forward because that’s the only way that you will grow,” she added.

Maya Vandoenbroeck from ForumZFD also stated that as watchdogs of the society, communication practitioners should learn to call out mistakes that people are acting blind to.

“It’s important to be a communicator and not to “kiss-ass” or not to be a martyr, or if you know something is wrong, then you call it out. Just because you are new, doesn’t mean maghilom lang ko kay basig i-fire ko,” she expressed.

However, Vandoenbroeck added that it is vital that journalists know the proper medium to point out such mistakes.

“Don’t be reactive dayon. You pause first and then you think. If you don’t say anything, then you become an enabler. Good communication is very important,” she said.

The talks were held during the Vision 2020: 2nd Pinning Ceremony of Mass Communication and Communication students at AvenYou Events Place last March 12.

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