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Last year’s Bagong Samahan was a coalition of Pinag-isang Lakas ng Samahan ng mga Progresibong Atenista (Piglasapat) members and independent candidates that was dissatisfied with the setup of the the said political party and the Samahan Central Board (SCB). The bearers of the independent party were Kurt Sabate, Amara Abrina and Melzar Galicia Jr. However, Sabate, a member of Piglasapat, failed to defeat Bahaghari’s presidential bet Mike Leyson. On the other hand, both Abrina and Galicia won for the positions of Secretary General and Treasurer, respectively.

Piglasapat’s absence in the elections last year was due to the internal problems within the executive board of the organization, and the powers of the officers were not enough to control their members from running for candidacy. It then led to the decision of the party not having its own candidates for the elections.

In the current SCB elections, Piglasapat had their comeback with their new #SamahanTayo and its party-bearers, Amara Abrina, Dexter Villarosa, and Karla Tiu.

#SamahanTayo without Galicia

Many questioned the absence of Galicia in the lineup of the party candidates. Abrina and Galicia were believed to be the standard-bearers of Piglasapat and both were expected to be included in the party’s set of endorsed candidates since they both served the SCB this academic year.

Abrina and Galicia applied to be Piglasapat’s candidates for the SCB President. However, Abrina was the one chosen to represent the party in the election this year while Galicia was nowhere to be found in the lineup of the Big Three.

According to Piglasapat President Jeos Casilac, it was the decision of the internal affairs of the organization. He said both Abrina and Galicia had gone a process and the position was given to Abrina.

The party also offered Galicia to run as part of the Big Three together with Abrina but he declined the said offer.

In an interview, Galicia said he just respected the party’s decision of choosing Abrina as its standard bearer. Galicia didn’t want to run as independent, saying he owes his loyalty to the party.

Meanwhile, contrary to what Piglasapat said, he was offered to run for the position of the BM Representative. After series of reflection, he said he finally decided not to run for any position.

According to Bahaghari presidentiable bet John Chin, he was dismayed because Galicia was not running in the coming elections for any position in the SCB.

“I know Miles is a principled person, and even if sa start sa iyahang term kay nangapa siya, I know na he could be a good leader, kaya sayang.”

Four years without a President from Piglas

Piglasapat had seen drought in its presidential attempts for the last four years, with Buklat occupying the presidency in 2012, which was succeeded by Bahaghari in 2013 up to Michael Zachary Leyson’s term this school year.

According to Bahaghari President Kenneth Paul Recaña, the question on who to vote during elections lies on the choices of the students, saying that “we democratically elect our officers.”

Casilac on the other hand said in an interview, “I guess it was really a matter of time na dili jud na siya para sa amoa (Piglasapat).”

Moreover, he added that the battle cry of Piglasapat was to serve the students with or without position in the student council.

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