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Lt. Col. Jimmy Doolittle once said that “there’s nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer.” This is a quote shared by Master of Ceremony and Arrupe SSLP Coordinaor Mr. Noriel Rogon during the special gathering last June 28.

PASASALAMAT, the thanksgiving celebration for AdDU’s Volunteers, was held at the Finster Auditorium at 3:40 p.m.

The acknowledgment organized by the University Community Engagement and Advocacy Council (UCEAC) was for the Typhoon Pablo and Blue Vote 2013 volunteers who imparted their act of volunteerism in the service of faith that does justice.

UCEAC Executive Secretary Atty. Arnold C. Abejaron said that the university has gone beyond the task of simply providing excellent instruction and formation to its students and people.

“It also works hard to live up to its ideals by being actively engaged in and with the community for the promotion of social justice, love for God’s creation and creatures, and good governance among others,” said Atty. Abejaron.

“We celebrate today because in all of these challenges, members of the Ateneo de Davao community, members of its faculty, studentry, staff and administration, together with our partners from various sectors of society, have volunteered their time, their personal and professional competencies and their human energies in a shared conviction that the Ateneo de Davao does not search for truth just for private consumption but in service of the community,” imparted AdDU President Fr. Joel E. Tabora SJ.

Inspired by the university’s vision-mission, ‘magis’ and ‘cura personalis’ were concretely manifested individually and collectively, according to Atty. Cabarde.

The celebreation commenced with the Holy Eucharist and followed by the Recognition Ceremony.

UCEAC Chairperson Atty. Romeo T. Cabarde, Jr. then delivered the detailed Blue Vote report via PowerPoint presentation.

A video of the community outreach of for Typhoon Pablo was also played during the celebration.

The PASASALAMAT was covered by one of Blue Vote’s partners, ABS-CBN.

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