January 24, 2018 (3:05 PM)

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Representatives from the various clubs of SBG division waved their respective flags during the opening program. Photo by Julien Jame Apala

The School of Business and Governance opens SBG Week last January 22, 2018 as it celebrates its 18th year of quality education with a colorful and lively parade with the theme, “Divided we stand, united we grow, and together we build.”

The different clubs belonging to SBG, alongside their moderators, and other SBG Faculty gathered at the Roxas Grounds and marched to the Arrupe Hall where the program took place. Knowing that the parade was part of SBG Week’s competitions, students filled the campus with colorful banners, balloons, and loud cheers.

Jenner Chan, DBM, dean of the undergraduate programs of SBG opened the activity with a speech regarding the tradition and standard that the division upholds. He also hopes that through the SBG Week, the students can learn, share, and strengthen their bonds as one school.

“It has been our tradition to celebrate our years of excellence in academics, engagement, and research. Our students are not only inclined academically but are also passionately involved in extra-curricular activities that help them enhance their leadership and social skills,” he shared.

He then proceeded to commend the competent faculty for instilling values in the students essential to becoming men and women for others.

The opening remarks were then followed by an intermission number by the Viperatos, SBG’s club for performers. Lady Margrett Cagape, club moderator of the Junior Finance Executive Club (JFINEX) then discussed the activities in the weeklong event.

Ateneo Human Resource Management Society’s club president, Kervin Dale Tiok, shared that he was elated to find that there was unity among his fellow SBG batchmates.

“Para sa akoa kay diri ginapakita unsa ka united ang bawat clubs maskin na lain-lain mi ug course. It shows the unity and camaraderie exhibited by each club and SBG student in making sure that the celebration will be worth it,” he added.

He also added that the SBG Week is an excellent avenue for the students to showcase their skills and talents.

This year’s SBG week is organized by JFINEX and will end on January 27, 2018, with a culmination activity at the Martin Hall.

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