August 16, 2018 (10:38 AM)

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Sherly Aca-ac of the School of Engineering & Architecture (EA) cluster and Lyle Jarod Navarro of the Computer Studies (CS) cluster proved their logical mastery as they were declared champions in the 3-round Women’s and Men’s Sudoku tournament for the 70th Ateneo Fiesta held at C505 on Aug. 15, 2018.

Aca-ac secured the top spot in the Women’s Division with a total score of 101.68 points. She was followed by Elena Nicole Wijangco of the Stags scoring 92.78 and Chenry Isabel Bande of the Accountancy (ACC) Griffins scoring 90.97, securing the 1st and 2nd runners-up, respectively.

“Nagpapasalamat ako kay God since siya ang nagbigay sa akin ng strength para matapos ang Sudoku and ma-fulfill ang dapat ma-fulfill. Thank you din sa SEA family and sa mga friends na nagsupport sa akin and of course sa family ko din,” Aca-ac stressed.

Navarro topped in the Men’s Division with a total score of 73.62 points. He was followed by Arthur de Guzman of the ACC Griffins scoring 63.50 points and Nomar Ylmari Te of the EA Tigers scoring 52.59 points, securing the 1st and 2nd runners-up, respectively.

“I feel grateful and honored that I became a champion. ‘Good game’ sa ibang clusters na nagtry din ng kanilang best,” Navarro said.

The players were challenged to complete various types of Sudoku puzzles. In the first round, they were tasked to solve the standard 6 x 6 and 9 x 9 grid, irregular, and window Sudoku all under 40 minutes. In the second round, they were given an hour to finish the odd-even Sudoku, Wordoku, Futoshiki, and another irregular Sudoku. In the final round, they were required to solve Samurai Sudoku and the Kendoku under 50 minutes.

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