August 14, 2018 (9:28 AM)

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Veence Porras of SS Dragons in a steady stance, focusing at his target. Photo by Loraine Rubi

Seven participating clusters showed off their skills in precision and accuracy in this year’s Men’s and Women’s Darts Championship held on August 14 at the 4th floor of Martin hall.

For the men’s category, the EA Tigers and CS Chameleons dominated under Bracket A outmatching the STAGS while under Bracket B, the SS Dragons and Humlet Wolves reigned over the ACC Griffins and the BM Vipers.

The remaining four teams clashed in the semi-finals round.

Dave Mariano and Ardin Gumera of EA Tigers bagged the fourth place, while Elijah Jake Sagpang and RJ Remora of CS Chameleons landed on the third spot.

Veence Porras of SS Dragons trumped Andrew Ang of Humlet Wolves in the stirring finals round with the score of 3-2 and was hailed as this year’s champion.

“Nakulbaan jud ko kay kusog man akong kalaban, so gi-give jud nko ang best nako and salig lang kay Lord and nagpractice man sad ko,” Porras expressed.

Despite his loss, Ang was glad that sportsmanship was observed in the game and that no salty people ruined the event.

In the women’s category, the EA Tigers, BM Vipers, ACC Griffins and Humlet Wolves fought in the semi-finals round.

Johanna Lustre and Abigail Depositorio of ACC Griffins escaped with a strong win of 3-0 over Abigail Apostol and Vianca Sumadia of EA Tigers.

Initially, Depositorio did not expect to win the championships because during the start of the game she already observed the aiming prowess of the EA Tigers.

“Grabe among pressure atong eliminations kay hawd jud kayo ang EA sugod pa lang, nag-ampo na lang me na dili me ma-eliminate, pero ganina happy kayo kay nadaug jud mi,” she said.

Apostol shared her frustrations as they were really aiming for the Championship.

“Maka-frustrate sya kay Championship jud unta to pero at the same time makahappy kay na friend namo tung mga player sa Accountancy pati na sa uban clusters,” she said.

Since the Humlet wolves were not present during the Semis, the BM Vipers were hailed as the second- runner up, and the Humlet as the third runner-up.

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