October 6, 2016 (12:40 PM)

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Graduating nursing students convened last Oct. 5 in Room F613B for a leadership forum with a theme, “Sui Generis: New Breed of Leaders for Service.”

SAMAHAN Moderator Lunar Fayloga was the speaker of the said forum. He stressed the importance of the qualities and characteristics that the Ateneo leaders needed to possess “in order to be effective”.

He cited varying examples such as making research as a habit before engaging into discussions, the desire to serve the community, sensitivity towards varying cultures and religions, and the love for the country.

“The university is a place to freely exchange ideas and the leader’s task is to help people think critically,” Fayloga said during the forum.

Fayloga added in an interview that the true test of leadership was “how current leaders ignite future leaders who will carry the torch of the next generation.”

Carlos Gempesaw, a fourth year nursing student, noted that he had a great time during the forum.

“It was certainly good and funny. He (Fayloga) was very informative and funny,” he shared.

The forum lasted for two hours.


(Featured photo from @AdDUNSEC)


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