January 24, 2018 (9:23 AM)

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Accountancy students all over Mindanao amassed for the Philippine Accountancy Congress held at 4th Floor Martin Hall last January 20. The National Federation Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (NFJPIA) organized the event in an effort to inform future accountancy graduates with the concepts of leadership including new trends in their profession and personality development in the workplace.

“We coordinated with accounting firms, we got our resource speakers from those firms, and we tried to connect with them so that in the future, these participants will be exposed to the workplace,” National Vice President for Communications Jennifer Fementira, said.

Technical sessions were conducted by resource speakers from various companies all over Mindanao. During their respective sessions, they expounded the technical aspects of the accounting profession.
Leadership guidelines for the generation, The Philippine tax system, personality development, and proper handling of work-related stress were the talking points of their sessions.

“I think the Philippine Accountancy Congress is one big opportunity for a student, you learn from listening to speakers, you learn from the people you encounter…and somehow you find your purpose on why you entered the course or profession,” Fementira explained.

Social activities like “Trivia nights” and “Happi segment” for the participants and awarding of Trivia Night winners took part for the event’s night session.

JPIA AdDU Chapter President, Carmelo Panlaque, shared that the event was great success.

“The Trivia Nights was very lively and I feel different JPIAns from all over Mindanao were able to mingle and make new friend. Seeing them smiling and laughing proved to relieve much stress from organizing such a big event,” he added.

The Mindanao hub of the Philippine Accountancy Congress was last held in Cagayan de Oro and was hosted by Xavier University.

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