December 7, 2015 (2:01 PM)

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The participants during the Palaro 2015 Scrabble tournament. Photo by Alexis Matthew Reyes

The Social Sciences (SS) Dragons showed their supreme word craftsmanship as they topped the Men’s Scrabble during the Palarong Atenista 2015 slated Dec.8 at J301, Jubilee Building of the university.

SS Dragons and SEA Tigers dominated Bracket A while the BM Vipers and ACC Griffins whipped their opponents in Bracket B.

Sparkle Mirth L. Maluenda of the Tigers knelt down to Vipers’ Ramille Anthony G. Martinez, 353-198, leaving the Vipers a chance to ace the finals. Rincy Dominic C. Calamba of the Dragons edged out Keith Alro O. Amparado of the Griffins 275-272, paving the way for the dragons to compete in the championship.

Calamba had his share of difficulties during the final match against Martinez but managed to hold the victory flag at the end and took home the gold for this year’s Palarong Atenista, 321-275.

Nineteen year-old Calamba told Atenews the last game was a very thrilling and exciting match because it was a close fight.

“It is my first time to join the Palarong Atenista and being the champion feels great. It is a remarkable experience,” he said.

The wordsmith added that it was his first time to participate in the Palaro and said it was fun to compete with the other players, other Ateneans and feel the spirit of the game.

“Winning the men’s scrabble in the Palarong Atenista will always be one of the best achievements in my college life,” Calamba said.

Moreover Martinez said in mixed English and Filipino, “I did not expect that we will land on the second place and I am happy I actually represented our division.”

He expressed that even though it is tiring, the Palaro experience as a whole is really exciting and fulfilling.

Final Results:

  1. SS Dragons
  2. BM Vipers
  3. SEA Tigers
  4. ACC Griffins
  5. CS Chameleons
  6. H&L Wolves
  7. FAC Lions
  8. NSM Falcons
  9. SOE Sharks & SON Panthers

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