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AdDU Deptartment of Languages and Arts faculty Norman Narciso showcases one of his do-it-yourself musical instruments as he gives his welcome address in his art exhibit titled, “Gama, Dula, Tingog.”

Photo by Loraine Rubi

With the hope of generating impulse to the youth to engage in interpersonal activities, Ateneo de Davao University Department of Languages, and Arts Faculty member Norman F. Narciso opened Gama, Dula, Tingog exhibit last February 27 at Rodriguez hall.

The exhibit features a collection of do-it-yourself instruments by Narciso which were made out of indigenous and metal/plastic scraps found from industrial, commercial, and domestic spaces, and then subjected to assemblage and craft.

In an interview, Narciso shared how his innovations began and how it gave him his identity as an artist.

“In 1998, I developed my own instrument. I was looking for a different sound that I can see myself as an identity pero siyempre hindi mawawala iyong influence mo from the indigenous, and contemporary,” he said.

“Naghahanap ka kasi ng sarili mong boses eh,” he added.
Narciso further stated that making the art was a tedious process but at the same time, a form of stress-relief.

“Hindi ito iyong artwork na hobby lang, tedious process ito. Form of prayer rin ito, [and is a] form of meditation. Therapy din siya from of stress-relief,” he explained.

Throwing these scraps, as Narciso stressed, would be such a waste especially when one is an artist.

“Dahil siguro I’m a multidisciplinary artist. Eh kasi pinoy eh, sayangan ka, so kailangan mo i-utilize, may curiosity ako sa mga object, baka naman pwede magawan ng paraan,” he discussed.

Gama Dula, Tingog exhibit was classified into three forms: interactive art, instrumentation, and sound sculpture. 
The exhibit was intended to be interactive which involved the audience to define or compose their own sound, and even orchestrate their own music.

The scrap instruments will be featured at the Rodriguez hall until March 15. The artist also encourages the audience to play and engage themselves with the instruments.

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