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Photo by: Franz Dorado

Photo by: Franz Dorado

Photo by: Franz Dorado

Another year has passed. Good and bad memories are kept. Familiar and new people are mixed up on these memories aiding each one of us to know ourselves better and change in time. However, one full year is not enough to change all of what we think should be altered within or without. A beginning of a whole new year is a chance to decide whether we stick on things we are used to or think about formulating our New Year’s resolution. But does it still work nowadays?

Many of us still have New Year’s resolutions on our minds. Some may come from people as suggestions and some we do for our personal endeavors. Everybody talks about it at home, school, and office or even on TV. We hear it being asked round when the year is about to end. The question is does it still work? Is it still effective?

“I think new year’s resolutions are already ineffective due to the fact that most people around the world are always ‘on the move’ and working,” said Dominique, a second year student of Social Work. “Most people that make resolutions during the New Year tend to break it because they don’t have enough time for it,” he added.

But do we still give importance to this? Do we take resolutions seriously or just consider it as a part of culture that resides only between the months of December and January?

“It depends upon a person if he’s sincere, committed, and has his mind set on his resolution,” Alissandra, an architecture student, said. Determination is the key towards the goal. “Kung ganon sana, effective talaga ang New Year’s resolution,” she added. If we remain motivated, we have all possibilities of fulfilling our resolutions. It has been strong motivators for everyone ever since.

Jim Palma, a faculty, described how he keeps up with his New Year’s resolutions. “I only make three very relevant resolutions,” he said. New Year’s resolutions are becoming a pushover for some. He explained about it becoming a pressure and a pleasurable attempt at the same time. “It’s actually a pleasurable challenge. It takes you to your limits most of the time,” he said. Many are too tired to make their resolutions. Yet some held onto them tightly remembering it until the end of the year to re-evaluate if it has been accomplished, half-done, or never been attended to.

It is a beautiful experience for each one of us; an inspiration, a gleam of hope, a chance for ourselves. Maybe, it is the only part of our lives where laughing at our mistakes seemed fine. Maybe for some, New Year’s resolutions don’t work out anymore; too busy of their lives and too busy to plan for the changes. But for those who are determined and keep themselves motivated, New Year’s resolutions work out just perfectly.

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