June 22, 2013 (5:04 PM)

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This word perfectly describes every student of the Accountancy division as they filled the evening air of AdDU Matina Sports complex with sovereignty.

Wearing their bright yellow division shirts and hand-made crowns, they enthusiastically hailed for their division and energetically paraded with balloons and banners per year level last June 21, 2013 for their orientation day.

The event started to heat up as the Jaguars owned the stage with breathtaking dance moves that earned applause from the crowd. One by one, the professors from the said division gave one-line messages which inspired and brought laughter to the students.

Mr. Leopoldo Medina, chair of the Accountancy department, and Ms. Lenor Loqueloque, chair of Accounting Technology department, gave the serious talks about important matters that every student of the Accountancy division needs to know. The said talk served as a reminder to the upper classmen and as introductory information for the freshmen.

Video presentations were also shown to the crowd to acquaint them to join the varsity teams, organizations and activities of the division. It also encouraged the griffins to audition to the various events for the upcoming College Fiesta and the Palarong Atenista.

A parody of Showtime’s Sine mo ‘to was also presented as the actors of the said parody portrayed situations that every griffin can relate into. Amusement was painted on the face of each griffin as they watched the parody.

The program ended as the members of the Jaguars, ASEC, JPIA and JPAMA danced in the beat of the division’s station I.D.

End the silence of the gagged!

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