April 26, 2024 (7:22 PM)

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MANSAKA. The School of Education (SOE) Sharks bagged the first place during the Sadsad Mindanaw 2024 held last April 18, 2024. Photo by Eian Nabos

Highlighting pressing socio-cultural issues today, the Festival of Excellence enriched different stories of Lumad cultural heritage in Sadsad 2024, with the School of Education cluster winning first place in the cultural dance competition.

The School of Education Sharks portrayed the story of Agi, a Mansaka, whose family was met with an unfortunate accident brought about by environmental disasters.

The Accountancy cluster was placed second, with their performance highlighting the Subanen people, while the Business and Management cluster placed third, emphasizing the culture of the Bagobo Klata.

Meanwhile, ACC once again secured the overall championship title in this year’s FoE, following their win last year.

The ACC Griffins achieved success in various categories at the recent Hugyaw sa Kahugyaw event, securing first place in Maanyagong Adbokasiya, Sadsad, and Lihok, third place in Esporre and Diskurso, and fourth place in Alampatan and Mugna, as reported by the AdDU Commission on Audit.

Following the theme, “Rediscovering oneself through arts and culture,” ACAC Director Franky Arrocena told Atenews that FoE strives to emphasize the richness of Mindanawon culture every year by providing a platform for emerging advocates and artists to share their talents with the Ateneo community.

“As Ateneans, we are taught magis, or the notion to do ‘more.’ So, every year, we try to be better and better at preserving Mindanawon culture and arts through the Festival of Excellence.” 

He also urged the students to foster a deeper appreciation for the arts and encourage meaningful conversations about timely and relevant issues.

Consequently, newly added events were incorporated into this year’s Festival of Excellence, such as Maanyagong Adbokasiya and Madayaw Nights.

“This year, we welcome the first-ever Maanyagong Adbokasiya, which not only favors looks and glamour but also presents concrete actions on what Ateneans can offer in response to timely and relevant issues today,” Arrocena added. 

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