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GRIPPING WINS. The SADSAD MINDANAW Champions, the Business and Management cluster, showcased their talents and captivating emotions during the Pag-inunongay 7, the Ateneo Arts Fest and Festival of Excellence (FoE) 2023 held at the Martin Hall last February 17. Photo by Wendyl Geronimo

Fostering artistic excellence, the Accountancy cluster (ACC) reigned as champions during the Pag-Inunongay 7, the Ateneo Arts Fest and Festival of Excellence (FoE) 2023. 

ACC received the Best Poster Award for MUGNA (Mindanawon Ug Nasudnong Adbukasiya): A Short Film Fes, 2nd Runner Up for ESPORRE: A Photojournalism Competition, 4th and overall best speakers for FoE Debates, 2nd Runner Up for LIHOK: A Poetry in Motion, and 2nd Runner Up for SADSAD Mindanaw: A Cultural Performance and Competition.

ACC Representative Marc Iñigo Aman told Atenews that he felt thankful to witness unity and individual contribution among the Accountancy Griffins to fulfill a collective mission—to win the competition, despite recurring academic obligations as students.

“As a Cluster Representative, I felt a great sense of fulfillment as I’ve witnessed countless griffins work hand in hand to make this feat a possibility.”

For him, the trophy meant that their belief and faith in the greatness of their team stand true and the Griffins will always share it, no matter what horizon or platform there may be.

“This (victory) proves that the griffins still haven’t lost their hunger and drive to win. We will always show and embody that we are the epitome of greatness, and that the Accountancy Cluster will always be the home of champions,” ACC Talents Head Mica Ella Landicho said. 

PAG-INUNONGAY 7 celebrates Mindanaoan culture

Promoting Mindanaoan arts and culture, the Office of the Student Affairs launched PAG-INUNONGAY 2023 with the theme “Bridging the Culture of Encounter and Excellence: Celebrating Diversity and Creativity.”

Through initiatives and joint forces of Ateneo organizations, LIHOK: Poetry in Motion, MUGNA (Mindanawon Ug Nasudnong Adbukasiya): A Short Film Fest and Competition, ESPORRE: A Photojournalism Competition, BAHANDI: AdDU-to-Cart (Cultural Expo) and Art Fair, FOE Debates and Praise Fest were conducted. 

According to the ACAC Director Jesus Montajes, the return of the in-person modality from the pandemic of Pag-Inunongay, the Higher Education Unit’s National Arts Month commemoration, paved the way for more engaging events and discourses.

Montajes shared in an interview that the hectic schedules among the student participants were the common hurdles for the festival as the orientation for in-house activities required physical presence. 

“But, the Technical Working Group (TWG) was able to strategize…by assigning organizations and support offices as point persons in addressing concerns.”

Along with the launching of Pag-Inunongay 2023, TUKLAS, its official soundtrack, was released by the Ateneo Repertory Company (ARC) and the Ateneo Culture and Arts Cluster, along with affiliated organizations in the official music video.

BS Medical Biology student Shanly Ann Elan conveyed how the event’s objectives promoted cultural intelligence, artistry, empowerment and acceptance with all the performances done on stage, skills presented, and cultural practices showcased from the SADSAD Mindanaw Show.

“It provides not only entertainment but also emulates values and strengthens cultural sensitivity in a way that SADSAD opened the doors for opportunity (among the Mindanao community) and understanding (of cultural) diversity.” 

As the Pag-Inunongay successfully came to an end last February 17, the Ateneo Community is  invited for the Gawad Siyasat on March 3 at Bapa Benny Tudtud Auditorium and Ateneo Skills Fest from February to March.

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