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Sembreak’s the checkpoint of the race. It’s the pitstop that students look forward to every academic year, aside the summer break of course.

After the four-month long run of the first semester, students will want to leave their stress behind and brush off the academic struggles on their shoulders. The question is, now that this highly anticipated limited time finally comes, how can one take full advantage of it?

The possibilities are endless. However, there is one factor that every student considers during this time of the year that narrows down these possibilities: budget. There will be no steady flow of cash from monthly allowances, so costly leisures narrowed out. There might be lesser things to do and places to go to because of this little limitation, but that does not mean the semestral break has to be a bust.

This might seem like a problem, but actually, one can still enjoy the semestral break without shelling out some cash. There are many ways in making one’s sembreak productive, even on a very tight budget.

First, why not catch some sleep? Surely, there are those kinds of students who kept on staying up really late at night to study. Sembreak gives you the opportunity to take a break from academics and clear your mind. Plus, it doesn’t cost a penny. So relax and put your head on that pillow!

If nature’s calling out to you, gather your friends and set up a picnic session by the park. Get some fresh air and enjoy a socializing activity. But when you’re feeling adventurous, go on a road trip to the places near your city. Just don’t forget to bring some snacks to avoid those unnecessary grocery-shopping stops along the way!

While others are going on vacation, one may also spend their time working part-time jobs, may it be at your family’s sari-sari store or a local shop. Not only you would earn extra cash but you would also contribute to the community service and learn a few things.

Have unread books sitting on the shelves? Now is a good time to open up those novels and dive yourself into whole new worlds. You can also visit your local library or bookstore to check out some new stuff rolling in. Borrowing, not necessarily buying, is enough. Keep all those textbooks behind you. Unless of course, if you prefer to read them instead.

Missing your grandmother’s cookies or maybe your cousin’s pranks? Use your break to visit your relatives and catch up with them. It’s always good to keep the family fire burning.

One does not need loads of cash to have a good time. Even the simplest activities can spark new experiences. Just enjoy the time-off and refresh yourself before another round of the academic year begins. Go on and make the sembreak worth the wait!

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