August 14, 2017 (2:28 PM)

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The EA Tigers dance to rhythm of Sia.
Photo by Jacymae Kaira Go

As the 69th Ateneo Fiesta and Intramurals officially opened today, August 14, one of the most awaited events, the Group Dance Showdown, had the entire Ateneo student body on the edge of their seats. With a theme Women Empowerment, each cluster was expected to perform a routine that would portray dance moves that would highlight the female gender.

The fourth floor of the Martin Hall was packed to its limit as students from the different clusters performing filled the seats available, hoping their presence would make an impact on the confidence within each of their respective representatives.

Each routine portrays a specific feminine artist that can also be relatively regarded as one of the faces of feminism. Each performance showcased different levels of artistry and creativity as each crew managed to find new ways to make their routine unique not just with their dance moves, but also with their choice of music remix.

Eight clusters fought to take home the 69th Group Dance Showdown Championships title, but only one had managed to bring it home to their mother cluster.

After a four-year reign, the time has come for the Accountancy Griffins to give up their crown. With a smooth and flawless routine to the tune of Sia, the School of Engineering and Architecture (SEA) Tigers managed to snatch the Griffins’ chances for a 5peat.

The GDS Tigers quartet was composed of Karl Stephen Sorrosa (Electrical Engineering IV), Paolo Peña (Chemical Engineering III), Hassan Macaumbos (Industrial Engineering III), and Cire Sarcon (Civil Engineering II).

“It was a nice feeling for us since ginatry jud namo sa EA na madaog sa GDS for how many years na and this is it. This is our year,” shared Hassan Macaumbos

The B&M Vipers and Accountancy Griffins brought home the first and second runner-up titles respectively.

End the silence of the gagged!

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