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After placing tenth with a rating of 86.33 percent in the May 2019 Certified Public Accountant Licensure Exam (CPALE), fresh graduate Nyll Gabrylle Gascon plans to proceed to law school after receiving a full scholarship from Ateneo de Davao University (AdDU).

Gascon took the CPALE on May instead of October mainly due to law school. He also claimed that the five-year program of BS Accountancy compared to the four years of other courses also left him with only a month to prepare for the CPALE after graduating last March.

Although he did not aim to top in the board exam since he had no plan to work in an accounting firm, Gascon said that a game of truth or dare drove him to top the exams.

“A little truth or dare with my co-reviewee. The condition was if I did not have any grade below 85 percent, then I would win the game… You may think [it’s] petty, but for a person like me, who has no plans on becoming part of a CPA firm, topping the board exam provided little incentives. Thanks to that person, here I am at the 10th place,” Gascon shared.

Albeit only having a month to review, Gascon said that the five years he spent in college was already his preparation period for the boards.

“Well, to say that I have only a month of preparation is a huge understatement. My whole five years of college is my preparation for the CPALE. Nevertheless, specific preparations are as follows; answer as many problems as you can until two weeks before CPALE, review theories for the last two weeks until the exam date, and during exam always have your quick notes on the coming subject in your index card or your phone,” Gascon said.

He added that the board exam was difficult, but affirmed that those who will take the exam should continue to strive despite the results.

“To future CPALE takers, the exam will be hard. I assure that. Questions will be asked which you do not know the answer. You may pass, or you may fail. But no matter what happens, keep moving forward on wherever life will bring us,” Gascon shared.

The CPALE took place on May 12, 19, and 20 at Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) testing centers in Manila, Baguio, Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, Davao, Iloilo, Legazpi, Tacloban, and Tuguegarao.

The PRC announced that 1,699 out of 10,319 takers passed the board, a national passing rate of 16.46 percent. AdDU’s passing rate for first-time takers is 25 percent and 34.78 percent for repeaters. Its overall performance is 33.77 percent.

De La Salle University (DLSU) Manila’s Josemaria Alvaro Fontillas and Geraldine Jade Papa both clinched the top place with 89.83 percent. DLSU is also the only top performing school with 50 or more examinees and at least 80 percent of passers with their 84.72 percent passing rate.

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