December 2, 2015 (1:39 PM)

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November 30, 2015 – The School of Business and Management Vipers dominated their match against the Humanities and Letters Wolves.

Crippled amidst the Vipers’ unrelenting and unyielding offense, it was clear that the Wolves could not undo the Vipers. Winning with a staggering 42 point advantage against the Wolves five points.

The Second game of the day saw a bout between the Computer Sciences Chameleons, and the School of Accountancy Griffins.

Clearly handicapped with the number of players, and a slow start from the players, the Griffins took no time to seize the opportunity for their favor. Winning with a score of 34, and the Chameleon’s scoring none.

The third game of the day saw the matchup between the School of Nursing Panthers, and the School of Education Sharks.

Putting up a good offense as well as a good defense, the Panthers scored a six during the first quarter against the Sharks’ zero. This trend continued throughout the match as the Sharks lost morale. The Panthers won with 34 points against the Sharks’ score of zero.

The last game of the morning matches saw the bout between the Humanities & Letters Wolves and the Social Sciences Dragons both vying for a spot in the Semifinals.

Both teams clearly brought the energy and the drive with them with their supporters all prepped and complete with flags, drums, and cheers for their respective divisions.

Cheers and howls filled the court with every point shot, it was clear that the match was not just a game of basketball, but also a game of cheers from the audience.

The most intense game of the morning, the game saw emotions fly from the players and the audience as the game ended and saw the Social Sciences Dragons as the Victors. Winning with a score of 18 to the Wolves’ 13 points.

Equally as ecstatic as the players from the Social Sciences cluster were the audience members who were eager to cheer and yelp for their athletes even after the game was done. “We feel proud sa aming players of course! Pinaghirapan nila yun… full support!” an audience member from the Social Sciences cluster commented, before breaking out into cheers and applause along with the other supporters.

End the silence of the gagged!

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