October 14, 2023 (12:51 AM)

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Adapting to the academic calendar shift, this year’s Ateneo Intramurals was rebranded to Ateneo Ufest Sadya 2023 with the theme ‘cannonball experience’, and a full face-to-face celebration with new changes and events.

In an interview with Atenews, Sadya 2023 overall head Zoreyn Dabon said that it was a challenge to insert the Ufest in the new academic calendar as it should coincide with the celebration of the Feast of the Lady of Immaculate Conception in August. 

“It was a bit [of a] challenge at first and how to form the vision of this year’s Sadya, but in general, the goal for this one is to, of course, celebrate the atenean craft and most importantly promote our sense of community especially na this year we came back fully face to face,” Dabon said.

Despite the challenges, the UFest introduced itself with a vibrant theme, which was spearheaded by Kianne Shannly Aleszandra Undalok.

“The branding is infused with a vibrant, playful and lively energy. It’s a transition na rin of Sadya being a separate event which we now call the U-Fest or University Fest,’” she said.

The Sadya 2023 branding, which highlighted Atenean craft and artistry, was made possible with the help of Rophe Mia Peafiel, who aided Undalok with the branding, as well as the SAMAHAN Creative Team and their director, Caryl Manalo.

Day 1 highlights

One of the highlights of the renewed fiesta is the parade of clusters outside the campus, starting in Rizal Park, walking through and radiating Claveria with the clusters’ respective colors and banners, and culminated inside the University with the bench cheering competition.   

Another highlight of this year’s opening program was the dance sport, a recently added event, in which 7 out of 9 clusters competed, with the ACC, SEA, and HUMLET declared as top 3 in all rounds of the competition. 

Due to the nature of the newly-included event, Dabon explained that the working group had to limit the number of people that they can accommodate at the 4th floor.

“For clarity, why we limited the people sa baba it’s because we have to allocate space for dance sports. Kasi when you have dance sports, kailangan talaga ng malaki na space for our dancers to dance. So, that was the compromise talaga na to give our performers as well as for the bench cheering – to give them ample space for them to really show off their skills and etc.,” he clarified.

Dabon told Atenews that on the succeeding days, they will try to maximize the available spaces in order to accommodate everyone, as this event is for every Ateneans. 

The Ateneo de Davao University newly seated president, Fr. Karel S. San Juan S.J, also made his first official public appearance during the opening ceremony, encouraging students to enjoy this year’s fiesta while taking a break from academic activities.

The opening ceremony took place at the 4th Floor Martin Hall on October 12. 

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