October 22, 2023 (11:01 PM)

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RETURN OF THE GRIFFINS. The Accountancy Griffins broke the School of Engineering and Architecture Tigers’ four-peat streak by showcasing their skills and talents beyond numbers, earning them the championship title during the Sadya 2023: The Ateneo UFest on October 14. Photo by Yvonne Baco

From a broken seven-peat to breaking the four-peat of the School of Engineering and Architecture Tigers who dethroned them, the Accountancy (ACC) Griffins regained the title as the overall champion for the Sadya ‘23: The Ateneo Ufest.

The champions bagged first place in various events, namely Creative Series: Photo, Bench Cheering, Dancesport, and Sayawtenista. They also received the liveliest cluster award for the whole UFest duration. 

ACC Sadya heads Sophia Manibpel and Juven Bacusmo shared how they prepared to snatch the win for this year’s Sadya.

“Speechless, worth it ang sleepless nights, everyday na pagbantay sa mga participants, everyone was dedicated to the point that we had a lot of absences kaya binuhos talaga namin ito,” Manibpel when questioned about their emotions upon returning to the top podium.

“It’s a do or die competition ‘cause we were both graduating students. As heads, we really want everyone to, like alam mo ‘yon, ibigay na namin kase last na ‘to.’” 

Manibpel also shared the cluster’s motto ‘Atin na ‘to’ as a motivation during the duration of the intramurals. 

“I hope the accountancy cluster community is really proud of us kase after how many years we’re back in the championship, amin na ‘to.”

Regarding the challenges the cluster faced during the preparation for the event, the heads have cited budget constraints, unclear guidelines, and finding spaces to practice after school hours as their main problems.

“We all know that hindi tayo pinapayagan na dito mag-stay sa school until 10pm. No shade to SAMAHAN but this is something they should provide, diba? They should provide a place for the people to practice but it wasn’t present and that’s a hindrance for us to become the over-all champion,” Manibpel said.

Despite the constraints, Manipbel highlighted that they coped with it through their initiatives.

“But, through our own initiative, through the accountancy initiative, we were able to gather funds para maka-practice kami outside.”

Bacusmo also added how the cluster did not focus solely on the competition but on making and expanding a community of competent individuals.

“Though daghan kaayo mi struggle na nahitabo especially with our preparation for our parade kay kami ang pinaka-daghan na community so daghan kaayo mig i-handle na mga material so isa sa mga reason kay na-minusan pud mi with Ecoteneo but wala namo siya gi-take as hindrance sa amoa para ma-over all champion. But ngayon nabuhat dyud namo tungod sa Accountancy cluster, tungod kay hawd ang mga Atenean na Accountancy.”

The Social Sciences Dragons were hailed as the first runners-up, followed by the Business and Management Vipers as the second runners-up. The overall rankings for the Sadya events can be viewed here.

The Sadya closing was held last October 14 at the 4th floor of the Martin Hall.

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