August 14, 2014 (11:37 AM)

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August 13, 2014, 8 pm — Love was definitely in the air as Ateneans flooded the Roxas Grounds last Wednesday night for Musikahan 2014.

The organizers previously asked the Ateneo community to share their true-to-life love stories. Six categories, namely Crush, First Love, Long Distance Relationship, Friend-zone, One-sided, and Forbidden Love were chosen as the themes where the performances were going to be about. Organizers then chose one story from each category and assigned each of the six bands to interpret the story into a 13 to 15-minute performance.

Abrupt interpreted the Crush story “Until I See You Again” by Supermaine 7. All You Need Is Ice Cream was assigned the First Love story “I’ll wait” by Nico di Angelo. Marsh Band sang songs to the theme of “Godly Desires”, a Long Distance Relationship story by an anonymous letter sender named Confident Girl. Jorj band played songs to the Friend-zone-story “Humility Wounded the Heart” by Katelebabad. The 6th string interpreted “And He Left Me Hanging”, a one-sided love story by Ms. Unrequited Love. Lastly, the Forbidden-Love story, “Incest” by Makasalanan, was interpreted by The Wasawas Experience.

Following the success of last year’s Musikahan, Mark Casas, head of the organizing committee for Musikahan, said that the organizing team prepared more chairs to seat the capacity crowd.

He said, “We have prepared more chairs this year than the previous Musikahan”.

“There were more people than we expected,” Casas noted.

When the chairs were not enough, students laid cloths on the ground and sat on them like picnic blankets. Others sat on the banners they have used for the earlier Parade, or opted to watch the Musikahan from the hallways and staircase of the Canisius Building, grabbing chairs from the classrooms.

Van, one of the students in attendance, watched the Musikahan until it ended. “This Musikahan has the most audience compared to previous years’,” she said.

The event gained much positive feedback from the live audience. Jay Redoblado, an Accountancy student, said, “I never thought that Musikhan would actually silence broken hearts.”

“Kahilak jud ko sa mga stories”, Phoebe Dalangin, a Computer Studies student, cried. “Especially sa ‘And Then He Left Me Hanging’ and doon sa First Love [story].”

“The stories and hosts helped sustain the audience”, according to Casas.

Ralz San Pedro and Adzie Madroñero, dubbed as “Ateneo’s Forever Hosts”, hosted the event.

End the silence of the gagged!

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