February 21, 2019 (11:08 AM)

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University professors enjoy the photo booth set-up for this year’s celebration of Araw ng Gabay.

Photo by Hannah Lou Balladares

SAMAHAN Moderator Lunar Tan Fayloga emphasized in his opening remarks during the “Araw ng mga Gabay” yesterday the “special” relationship that students and teachers share with one another.

“Sama sa mag-uyab maski ang estudyante ug teacher mag-away, pero pag-abot sa monthsary ug anniversary we pause our differences and we celebrate love. So, hinaut unta karung araw ng mga gabay ma-feel namo mga teachers na maskin once in a while on and off ta, and that we are special,” he said.

Fayloga further stated that Araw ng mga Gabay has always been celebrated during the love month to promote love to the Ateneo community.

“It is because we are reminded that dili lng excellence, dli lng service, kundi panahon pud sa panaghigugmaay. We protect one another we trust one another, and we always persevere and with that we will never fail,” he stressed.

To give tribute to the efforts of the teaching and non-teaching staff of Ateneo de Davao University, the SAMAHAN Central Board together with the Office of Student affairs (OSA) and the General assembly of Class Presidents (GACP) organized its annual “Araw ng mga Gabay” yesterday at the 7th floor of Martin Hall.

The event showcased the talents of AdDU students and provided free buffet lunch for the teaching and non-teaching staff of the university.

“It’s an event to celebrate our ‘Gabay’ both our teaching and non-teaching staff. Since it’s also the week for the festival of excellence, it’s just right that we celebrate the excellence of those who have guided us all throughout our college years,” officer-in-charge of the GACP chairperson, Nina Patricia Cesar, said.

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