November 30, 2017 (9:12 AM)

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With the desire to educate the Ateneans of the impact of sustainable agriculture, the Ateneo Green-Agripreneurs for Renewable and Eco-friendly Enterprises Society [AGREES] in partnership with Interface Development Interventions [IDIS] Inc, Agro-Eco Philippines, etc. held their 2nd Agri-Trade Fair on Sustainable Agriculture last November 27-28 at the 8th Floor, Xavier Hall, Training Room, Community Center.

Sustainable agriculture aims to satisfy agricultural needs without the need to compromise the environment, public health, human communities, and animal welfare as to avoid the maxing out of the present resources available.

The two-day event did not disappoint as it did more than just educate the Ateneo community of the benefits of sustainable agriculture; the Agri-Trade Fair also opened the eyes of the students and staff on the reality of the current worsened situation of our natural resources.

“Narealize nako how much we’re slowly maxing out our natural resources, and sad kaayo na kay it may come to the point na wala na’y mabilin for the future generation. I really think na we should start caring about stuff like this kay this doesn’t just affect our future children and grandchildren, it affects us in the future as well,” Shayne Tubon, a BS Architecture student, shared.

The 2nd Agri-Trade Fair was filled with talks from various professionals well-oriented on the concept of sustainable agriculture from all over Davao.

One of the speakers presents during the fair was Mrs. Maria Helenita L. Ruizo-Gamela. She is the current executive director of the Don Bosco Foundation for Sustainable Development.

In her talk, Gamela discussed the basics of Biodynamic Agriculture where she focused much on instilling on the audience its principles and practices.

Also present during the event were local microentrepreneurs who brought their personally handcrafted organic goods to showcase during the fair.
The organizers wish that this may ignite the fire for the students to promote sustainable agriculture to those around them; as they are happy to further orient people on the subject matter.

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