October 27, 2019 (8:41 PM)

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AG Saño is a street artist and an environmental advocate. For the past nine years, he made over seven hundred murals in 16 countries, most of which were done here in the Philippines.

“I find inspiration from the beauty of nature; that’s why environmental-themed ang murals ko,” Saño told Atenews.

More than just a profession or hobby, Saño pursued art as a platform for his advocacy for the environment.

“It’s more of an advocacy. I’m doing this not for livelihood and not as a career and it has dictated most of my activities for the past 9 years.”

Saño is known for his use of bright colors, waves, and swirls in his works. However, he finds most notable is in the process, wherein he lets other people paint with him and give them the freedom to make the work their own.

“I sketch the general lay-out while I allow them to color the mural. Sometimes, if they’re bold enough, I let them do their own thing. I let them have their freedom to choose their own colors.”

Saño hopes through his works, people will see the beauty of nature and camaraderie.

“My objective is to let people see beauty of nature through art and to let the art speak of the message that the most important thing the collaborative effort [between] me and the people.”

Photos by Joseph Nasser and AG Saño (whaleboy2000 Instagram and twitter).

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