April 10, 2020 (3:47 PM)

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In response to the concerns of students regarding the upcoming summer online classes, Ateneo de Davao University (AdDU) will provide 1500 home-wifi devices from Globe as well as considerate loans for students in purchasing devices needed for the online classes.

The announcement was made via the Samahan’s Twitter account in which they elaborated that the concerns of the students on internet connectivity and device availability were addressed by the administration as a “product of constant dialogue.”

They also stated that the said programs were made feasible not solely because of the re-alignment of university funds but because of some generous donors as well. 

According to Samahan’s post, the loans will be given at a discounted price that is payable before graduation with soft interests.

The home prepaid wifi units will be given to the students throughout the duration of their study in the university and will not be required to return them after graduation. 

In addition, the university will also be loaning out devices to a limited number of college students which they will be using per semester. 

Samahan President Renz Lacorte believes that the program is not yet complete as they are yet to finalize the needed database for students in need of the program. 

“Our job is not yet finish[ed] as we finalize the database needed to locate and detect students who will be availing and who will be granted by the program especially the free gadgets for NEEDY students.

“We are also in close talks with the admin in formulating the IRRs specifically on delivery mechanism of these devices. For specifications, we are waiting for the info from the VP Finance and other admin,” Lacorte said. 

To avail the program, a student must enlist himself or herself to the forms provided by the Student Executive Councils per cluster.

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