November 19, 2019 (7:22 PM)

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NEW BEADLE SYSTEM. University’s Office of the Student Affairs (OSA) launches a new system for recording attendance which is accessible online. Photo by Jeni Anne Rosario

To minimize the workload of the students and faculty, the Office of Students Affairs (OSA), in collaboration with Management Information Services (MIS), established a new beadle information system for attendance tracking and reporting.

The newly designed online system is applicable in this school year’s second semester.

According to Raul Vincent Lumapas, Information Technology department head, the system aims to provide convenience to the students, faculty, and administrators.

“This system will provide convenience not just for the OSA, but for you,” he said.

To access the system, one must be assigned by a teacher to become the class beadle or assistant beadle.

In addition to the inputs of the old system, which are the course, date, class list, and the time in record, there is also a portion wherein students can indicate whether their teacher is present or not.

The new information system encourages the appointed beadles to be accurate in checking the attendance before submitting to their respective teachers for verification.

Policies and protocols about the late and absences remain.

Although the beadles are responsible for checking attendance, OSA Director Theresa Salaver-Eliab stressed that the teachers should make the decisions and verification.

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