June 3, 2022 (10:15 AM)

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Graphic by Mariz Aylah Cenojas

Amidst time management difficulties due to the tight schedules of both Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and Certified Public Accountant Licensure Exams (CPALE), Ateneo de Davao University (AdDU) Batch 2020 Accountancy Graduate and Summa Cum Laude Christian Dominic Amoncio topped the May 2022 CPALE Boards.

With 86.83 percent, Amoncio garnered the top 7 spot along with Bethany Jhane Carizo from Bicol University-Daraga. He shared that it was just a ‘bonus’ to top the Board exams as all he prayed for was to pass. 

“I even had doubts as to whether I passed the exam. I  thought the exam was really difficult,” Amoncio told Atenews.

During his preparation period for boards, the Batch 2020 Accountancy grad admitted that he started late in reviewing, already around mid-February, because he took his CMA exams in the same month. 

“What I did was really focusing on the hardest subjects, which were RFBT and Taxation. I think I managed my time pretty well, I was able to assess which materials to use and which topics to focus on,” he said, referring to his strategy while studying.

Amoncio encouraged fellow AdDU accountancy graduates gearing up for CPALE to not skip any information from the syllabus because of the exam’s comprehensive nature, hinting that the smallest information could cost a point.

“Choose your materials wisely. Do not depend on test banks since [the] majority of the examination questions are original and customized ones. Solve problems and make sure you understand everything. If you have questions or clarifications, take notes of them because the Board Exam questions hit even the gray areas,” he detailed.

The May 2022 CPALE Top 7 further urged the future Certified Public Accountants (CPA) to master their accounting subjects while still in their undergrad because “the Regulatory Framework for Business Transactions and Taxation are really time-consuming during the review proper.”

Despite his struggles along his way to the top, Amoncio landed exemplary outcomes on both his licensure exams, even passing on his first try and garnering the Student Certificate of Distinguished Performance for his United States CMA exams.

AdDU tallied a 35 percent passing output, having 21 passers out of 60 takers for May 2022 CPALE Boards, as reflected in the PRC-issued performance of schools. The list of new Atenean CPAs can be viewed here.
The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) released the list of successful examinees and topnotchers on June 1. Compared to the 21.87 percent passer outing of December 2021 CPALE, May 2022 recorded a 22.29 percent passing rate with 990 successful examinees out of 4,442 aspirants.

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