September 29, 2013 (4:53 AM)

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The Nature Watch Club (NWC) celebrated World Rivers Day last September 29 through planting 100 trees along the banks of Davao river at Sta. Marina, Tigatto.

World Rivers day is an annual celebration of the world’s waterways. It aims to encourage active involvement of the people in their responsibility of protecting the rivers in their locality.

This activity started in 2005 during the launching of the Water for Life Decade by the United Nations to help create awareness in taking care of water resources around the globe.

Brgy. Tigatto has been in the headlines earlier this year due to the serious floodings due to the overflowing of Davao river. From this incident, NWC initiated efforts to mitigate this flooding problem through their tree planting activity.

After a month, NWC officers will visit again the site to check on the seedlings that were planted.


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