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A player participating in one of the classic Filipino games featured in Palarong Pinoy 2018. Photo by Charlotte Billy Sabanal

The Business & Management (B&M) Vipers dominated over all other clusters during the Palarong Pinoy 2018 held yesterday at the 7th floor of Martin Hall.

In line with the celebration of the 70th Ateneo Fiesta, the General Assembly of Class Presidents
(GACP) organized the annual Palarong Pinoy with six games in line.

Dragon’s Tail kicked off as the starting game of the event. Each team formed a line and tried
their best to maneuver it to catch the piece of cloth called the “tail” from the last player.

The game stopped shortly after the Engineering & Architecture (EA) Tigers complained for their uncalled eviction. The GACP rules stated that if a line will be broken during the game, a whistle from the Marshal will signal
the restart of the competition. A video from the EA Tigers‘ supporters showed that their line was already broken and a whistle was called even after the other team caught their tail.

The GACP fixed the misunderstanding by allowing the EA Tigers to return to the game.
ACC Griffins won the game followed by B&M Vipers then the Natural Sciences & Mathematics (NSM).

Players immersed their face in a bowl filled with flour in the second game called the “Flour Game”
to look for five hidden coins. The Computer Studies (CS) Chameleons bagged the first place while the B&M Vipers
placed second. The Humanities & Letters (Humlet) Wolves secured the third spot.

For the third game, players tried their best to crouch and hit the “Tomato with an Eggplant” tied
between their legs. The Social Sciences (SS) Dragon proved to be the fastest in the relay while the CS Chameleons
and Accountancy (ACC) Griffins landed on the second and third place respectively.

During the fourth game, the SS Dragons emerged as the fastest in the heated game of Sack Race.
Second in spot was the EA Tigers while the B&M Vipers placed third.

Players from different clusters gathered around a hanging clay pot filled with sweets and
chocolates for the fifth game, “Pokpok Palayok.” Representatives from each cluster tried their
best in breaking the clay pot with a bat. The CS Chameleons recorded having the shortest time
and placed first, followed by the ACC Griffins while the BM Vipers secured the third spot.

For the last game, Calamansi Relay, each team tried their fastest to carry the Calamansi with a
plastic spoon in their mouth. The SS Dragons finished the game with a record of 3 minutes and 5
seconds while CS Chameleons placed second with 3 minutes and 14 seconds. B&M Vipers
recorded 3 minutes and 18 seconds and placed third.

The overall ranking for the Palarong Pinoy placed the B&M Vipers on the first spot while the SS
Dragons and the ACC Griffins secured the second and third place respectively.

The event was originally scheduled at 9:00 AM to 12:00 NN, but due to the late arrival of the
players, the time was adjusted by the organizers and commenced at 10:30 AM and concluded at
nearly 1:30 PM.

Emmanuelle Gabrielle Gocon, a player from the ACC Griffins, shared her frustration about the
delay of the event and the organizer’s inconsistency with their rules.

“Before nag-start ang game man gud, grabe na kaayo ka-considerate gud ang staff na dapat 9AM
mag-start tapos by 9 AM tulo pa ka cluster ang wala pero gihulat gud nila na muabot para
makompleto gud. Tapos amoang cluster na early kaayo naabot kay kapoy gud kayo maghulat,”
Gocon said.

“Tapos sa game naay mga errors nga dili mapansin gud sa mga officials, tapos naay times nga
dili na I-consider kay ginaconsider gihapun nila ana gud. So dili jud consistent ilang rules,” she

However, Francisco Consolacion, chairperson of GACP, stressed that it was the
participants who were asking for a time extension and despite the delayed event he still
considered the event a success.

“Actually [the event] started at exactly 10:30 AM instead of starting by 9:00 AM because a lot of
the clusters were asking to extend the time because majority of them are really lacking of
participants but we really set the time to 10:30AM and those clusters who weren’t able to reach
the number of participants were supposed to be eliminated but fortunately all clusters were able
to meet the required number of participants for the first game,” he said.

“We finished it despite starting late and finishing late, we still consider this as a successful event
because we were able to implement smoothly despite any problems that occurred along the way,
we were able to troubleshoot it and most of the clusters enjoyed as well playing the Palarong
Pinoy,” he said.

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