August 15, 2018 (5:12 AM)

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ACC Griffins duo were crowned as this year’s Karaoke Challenge champions. Photo by Jacymae Kaira Go

Further heightening the spirit in the Ateneo Fiesta Celebration, representatives from the Accountancy (ACC) division won the annual Karaoke Challenge held yesterday afternoon at the entrance of Arrupe Hall.

With this year’s theme, #JEJEoke, eight clusters performed their rendition of ‘Jejemon Songs.’

Shiena Gabrielle Carreon, Secretary-General of General Assembly of Class Presidents (GACP) stressed that this Karaoke Challenge is not mainly about singing but the challenges that come along with it.

“It is actually one of the most awaited activities of the Ateneo Fiesta because it does not only showcase the participant’s singing ability but it will also feature various challenges with the difficulty of which increases in each round,” she said.

In the elimination round, participants were tasked to sing while eating a mouthful of marshmallows.

The ACC Griffins, CS Chameleons, SS Dragons and NSM belted out Repablikan hits, “Kahit di na Tayo,” “Nasasaktan Ako (Like A Rose),” “Aking Pagmamahal,” and “Mhine” respectively while the BM Vipers sang to the beats of “Sana” by Gagong Rapper.

The representatives of Humlet Wolves performed their rendition of DJ Rowel’s “Ikaw Ra Gang.”

Aikee’s viral “Kahit bata pa ako” was sung by the SOE while the EA Tigers echoed the sentiments of Salbakuta’s classic “Stupid Love.”

For the semi-finals round, EA Tigers, ACC Griffins, SS Dragons and NSM revived Aegis’ classic hits while the GACP Executive Board splashed them with a combination of water and flour.

The ACC Griffins proved to be the best in this year’s Karaoke Challenge outmatching the EA Tigers in the finals round where they sang Willie Revilliame’s viral “Beep, Beep, Beep, Ang Sabi ng Jeep,” while eating Samyang (Korean Spicy Noodles) and doing a series of acrobatics.

Christine Papacoy of SOE expressed that the challenge was very exhausting.

“Dili siya ingon nga sayon lang. Grabe dyud sya kalisud and challenging. Kapoy pa dyud kaayo labi na nga daghan kaayo sila’g gipabuhat,” she said.

Despite not being chosen in the finals round, Gemarie Santos of NSM expressed that she wouldn’t mind doing the performance over again.

“It is a one of a kind experience, and I don’t mind doing it over and over again because it’s super, super fun.” she said.

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