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Fr. Antonio Basilio, S.J. discusses the importance of research in Jesuit institution. Photo by Kaira Go


To realize the importance of research in Jesuit Education, the university’s Ignatian Spirituality and Formation Office, Arrupe Office of Social Formation and the Campus Ministry Office convened the 4th Ignatian Conversation last Jan. 20 at the Finster Auditorium.

With the theme “Research for the Mission, Research for the Community: The Role of Research in the Jesuit Education,” Asst. Dean for Natural Sciences and Mathematics Fr. Antonio Basilio, S.J. emphasized the purpose of research in Jesuit education.

“It’s part of the component to help people to be able to the community. So either it’s practical that it helps you give solutions to various problems, or even [for] information dissemination so that other people may know your work so they might be able to learn from the different works you publish,” Basilio said.

Basilio shared how Jesuits used research in their industry, and his own experience as a Jesuit researcher. He also highlighted how research can be a spiritual foundation, and how the faculty can help from students in their research.

“One arena where research activities continue is in the university. Jesuits today have an ally in pursuing knowledge –the faculty members of different universities, the staff, everyone. The faculty members, all the staff of various universities, and of course, including Ateneo de Davao are our (Jesuit fathers) collaborators and partners in pursuing [the] special apostolate of research.

Research activities are naturally formative. The search for proof and discipline, hard work, persistence, humility and patience,” Basilio said.

After the talk, a reflection and open forum followed.

Faculty and some students participated in the said event.

Theology Department Chair Lunar Fayloga gave his insight regarding the said conversation.

“The conversation today is really relevant, because that is part of our identity as a university –doing research. But it is not just relevant, but it’s also very challenging. Research requires time –time for us to be able to focus,” Fayloga noted.

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