January 9, 2015 (11:20 AM)

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2014 had been an avalanche of both surprising and dreary events for the country—consecutive calamities, heated discussions on corruption issues, international agreements, and sports victories, to name a few. Globally, we also dealt with the outbreak of the Ebola virus, consecutive aircraft crashes, national threats, insurgent threats, and terrorist attacks, among many. Indeed, 2014 flooded with numerous casualties, government failures and poverty issues. It was a terrible year, even more than 2013, but that doesn’t mean the trend has to continue this year.

2015 can be just another year. It can be just an extension of the accidents, outbreaks, threats, and corruption issues—or it could always be the end.

No matter how cliché “every year is a new beginning” sounds, it is the case. If there’s any time of the whole year best to start anew, it’s the literal starting day, week, or at most, month of the year. While January 2015 is still up fresh, solidify resolutions, develop future realistic social plans, identify everything wrong about the previous year and oneself, and seek to destroy them.

Students that we are, we have much less to worry about, hence change. But, this does not excuse us to be apathetic to any global, national, or any not-for-the-young-and-wild news. It simply means that we should concentrate on matters nearer to our sphere, like club outreach programs, student politics and our academic courses. These may sound easy to do, but they aren’t. They are easy to start, but very difficult to maintain.

2015 is just another year. However, it’s not the ‘year’ that makes the news, make or break the threats, continue the apathy or participation, and destroy or create lives. It’s the individual. You are the one making your memories. You are in charge of your year.

Hence, don’t be just another person, just another 2014 to the 2013. Be the new and better 2015 to the 2014. Go on and make headlines.

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