September 20, 2015 (11:22 AM)

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Photo by Anna Sophia Tarhata Piang

Photo by Anna Sophia Tarhata Piang

The first-ever English week in university history came to an end after a successful week-long celebration, with students with English subjects gathered at Martin Hall for the culmination last Sept. 18.

The program was officially opened by the Dean of School of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Renante Pilapil’s opening remarks, which he summarized to three points.

“The ability to speak English is not to be considered as the basis of social status,” Pilapil reminded everyone not to judge one’s social status with the language one speaks.

“The use of English or language is not limited to the ability to master its grammar,” he quoted from Gadamer how being too conscious about grammar somehow prevents one from expressing one’s thoughts.

Finally, Pilapil reminded everyone not to forget about the people’s identity as Filipinos, the local and indigenous languages.

“Our desire to master English should not be done at the expense of our local and indigenous languages,” he said.

During the event, selected Society of Ateneo Literature and English Majors (SALEM) members showcased their talents in poetry as they presented to the audience their original pieces in a creative presentation.

The awarding ceremony and repeat performances from the festival’s Jazz Chant performers were one of the highlights of the culmination.

Poster making, essay writing, spelling bee, extemporaneous speaking and jazz chant winners were all announced and awarded during the program. This year’s theme contributor was also recognized during the event.

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