September 28, 2019 (2:01 PM)

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#ClimateJusticeNOW. Envi-advocates pledged their commitment to climate justice in an oath-taking ceremony led by SAMAHAN Ecoteneo Student Head Mitzi Salcedo. Photo by Ma. Cyra Jane Dealca

“Kung di karon, kanus-a?”

This was the challenge of the youth climate strikers from different schools and organizations in the #climate emergency, a program calling for climate justice, held this afternoon at the Freedom Park.

The climate strikers’ primary concern was to promoting awareness, protection, and mitigation of the evolving climate crisis affecting the environment.

According to Ecoteneo Student Unit Director Mitzi Salcedo, the climate strike was necessary as the youth’s concerns about environmental issues do not always reach the government.

“Kana ang among gustong iingon sa inyoha, especially for the government, and this is one of the goals of this climate strike, to say, to voice out, and to give importance to climate justice,” Salcedo said.

She also added that the youth should speak on behalf of those who are oppressed and affected by the environmental crisis

Tatay Marsing, president of the Davao River Movement, shared that the cutting of trees of DPWH near the riverside changed the current biodiversity status of Davao River.

“Unta magpadayun ni atong kalihokan hantod mapakgam ang climate change ug global warming, kay ato lang pamaagi para mapakgam ang climate change kay ang pagpananom sa kahoy,” he said.

Dianna Tagalog, a student from Ateneo de Davao University and participant of climate strike, explained that climate strikes are significant as they are avenues to raise awareness and commitment for environmental protection.

“The moment that we know our facts, that is the moment that we are able to commit ourselves in doing things. Kahit maliit lang siya, we need to protect this common home,” she said.

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