November 30, 2015 (11:55 AM)

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Photo by Alexis Matthew Reyes

Photo by Alexis Matthew Reyes

November 29, 2015 – The Fr. Martinez Sports Complex of Ateneo de Davao University Matina campus was jam-packed with adrenaline and loud cheers as players from different divisions battled it out for this school year’s Palarong Atenista.

The game between the Business and Management Vipers and the Humanities and Letters Wolves kicked off the afternoon set for the women’s volleyball.

The first set started out strong, with each team trying to one-up each other.  However, in the middle of the match, the Wolves got left behind and it was the Vipers that proved to be the stronger ones as they won the first set, 25-14.

The Vipers continued their solid rhythm and dominated the second set of the match against the Wolves, causing them to slither into a 25-8 victory.

The second match of the afternoon was between the Faculty Lions and the Computer Studies Chameleons. For the first set, the Lions emerged as the formidable team as they ferociously attacked the Chameleons’ defense with the scores of 25-15.

However, during the second set, the Chameleons picked up their pace and left a gap on the scoreboard. Though a bit behind, the Lions were unfazed and determined to catch up. The Chameleons tried to end the set in their favor, but the Lions amazingly pounced back up. The crowd cheered and hooted as both teams tried to get the best out of each other. In the end, it was the Lions that ended the nail-biting set and emerged victorious with 27-25.

The last game for the afternoon set was played by the Social Sciences Dragons versus the School of Nursing Panthers. The Dragons’ strong and swift play led them to win the first set with 25-15. For the second set, the Panthers seemed to have lost their rhythm and were overpowered by the Dragons as the latter made their way to victory with 25-10.

When asked about how she felt about their win, Dennyleen Micolob, the Dragons’ team captain said, “Pressured… kay isa lang ka-pildi, matagak na. Pero after [the game], kay happy na kay worth it among gi-praktisan.”


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