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Teenagers want to be significant in society. We choose our career path and opt to be excellent in it. We become aware of what is happening around us. We take our stand in certain issues in the society and become responsible for what we stand for. We make it a point that we are at our best shot when doing something – to be someone. However, becoming a parent is the most challenging role that any man could strive to be the best in.
In a Filipino setting, the father is the haligi ng tahanan—the pillar. He is the defender of the family. The mother is the ilaw ng tahanan—the ‘light’ or the guide of the family. From this alone, there is already a responsibility of guiding and providing not just for one’s self, but also for the family as a whole, especially the children.

Parents always say that their treasure is their children. They give the best out of what they have – food, clothes, shelter, and love. Yet, parenthood is not just about that. Parents also have to figure out how to discipline their children without being abusive or appearing to be. Whenever children commit mistakes at home, some parents choose between spanking them or talking things out. Which is effective and not? It is a struggle. It is hard to become a parent.

As children grow, they meet different friends. When they are away, the anxiety is there in the mother’s heart. She may become strict because becoming so eases the worry. She says, “Don’t go there.” “Don’t do this.” “Don’t do that.” To her child’s eyes, she is becoming unfair.

It is not easy to make children understand how worried she is when they are away from her. Young as they are, in their ways of thinking, minds are yet to open. Mother says, “It is not that we don’t trust you. We just don’t trust this dangerous world we’re in.” It is hard to be a good protector when her child thinks he/she is being controlled. Yet, for her, it is hard to protect the one she loves when the things she does for that love are hated.

Those were just a gist of what mothers go through in raising their children. Most of us do not mind them. All we see is what we want. All we want is what we see. Because we want to be free, we go against our parents. We go our own way and become ungrateful. We fail to see what our parents need. We fail to see that our parents also need to be provided, not of material possessions, but of their child’s love and care.

This Mothers’ Day, do not let your mother believe that she is rejected and forgotten. Surprise her. Give her flowers. Give her a warm embrace. Tell her, “Thank you, Ma. I love you.” By that, you are doing the best for her. Besides, it’s her day.

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