February 19, 2020 (3:15 PM)

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GRATITUDE. Directors give credit to the people behind their films and share their inspirations for the production during the Mugna 2020. Photo by Jeni Anne Rosario

Student filmmaker from the Humanities and Letters (HUMLET) cluster urged filmgoers to watch films up to and including its credits as “a way of respecting and appreciating” the filmmakers.

Student director Francis Arrocena made the statement after his cluster’s short film entry for the Mindanawon Ug Nasudnong Adbukasiya (MUGNA) film fest stopped playing, just before the credits rolled, resulting to a technical issue during the screening.

“[T]he credits bisan words lang na siya dira lang nato maappreciate ang grabe na work behind sa film itself. So in relation, ang film dili siya kaya sa isa lang ka tao, it’s a collaboration and it’s a celebration of passion jud,” he said during a directors’ interview interlude.

After the issue was fixed, the short film was re-run.

Despite the mishap, Kevin Cody Mahinay, Samahan ng mga Mag-aaral ng Sining at Komunikasyon (SINIKOM) president, assured the afternoon’s event was purely for screening as the entries were assessed by the judges beforehand.

“We know filmmaking is very hard to do but I really appreciate those clusters na nagrepresent sila and giexplain nila on the theme media literacy ang different perspectives nila for their entries,” he added.

Belly Jeo Gallardo, Ateneo Film Circle (AFC) President, said he was glad that the students were able to produce “significant” and “excellent” short films in spite of the hectic schedules.

This was the first time MUGNA film fest screening was held at Cinematheque Davao, with Ateneo Culture and Arts Cluster (ACAC) now partnering with Cinematheque for future film events, according to Gallardo.

Six media literacy-themed short film entries were screened: HUMLET cluster’s ‘Sino Ang Pumatay Kay Crispin?’, School of Education’s ‘Gafadlug’, Social Sciences cluster’s ‘Tabula Rasa’, Business and Management cluster’s ‘Kada Tuig Nalang Ta Sig’ Tan-aw Ani’, Accountancy cluster’s ‘Masid’, and School of Engineering and Architecture’s ‘Gaba’.

The annual film competition is part of Ateneo Culture and Arts Cluster’s Festival of Excellence. Awards for the best films in various categories will be given during the ACAC’s Artistry and Awards Night on February 22.

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