January 24, 2017 (11:20 AM)

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The Arrupe Office of Social Formation kicked off Pagpakabana: A Conversation on the Peripheries as their first of the series of conversion last Jan. 23, at Room F213.

Fr. Antonio Basilio, S.J. and Theology Department Chair Lunar Fayloga led the said conversation.

Arrupe volunteers, National Service Training Program (NSTP) formators, members of the Campus Club Organizations (CCO), and class officers took part in the discussion.

The concept of the peripheries was elaborately discussed to deepen the understanding on concepts, principles, and orientations pertaining to the area of social spirituality.

Quoting Pope Paul VI, Fayloga emphasized that the spirit of dialogue is friendship and even more service. He stressed that there is a call for us to embrace the periphery.

Basilio, on the other hand, shared his own story. He talked about his initial experiences with those on the margins, which brought him to a decision of being a Jesuit.

“Before, I asked myself, why is it so difficult for us to stand up for somebody? Maybe, we think that it would make us uncool if we defend the oppressed. Later in my life, I was jolted by the story of Ritchie Fernando. I realized the importance of making a difference—to go where there is greater need,” he narrated.

An open forum followed after the main discussion where students and other participants of the conversation asked questions from the speakers and even shared their own significant experiences.

Angel Laroa, a second year BS-AT student, said that she learned a lot from the session.

“Na-aware mi sa tinuod nga responsibility nato. Kung mutabang man ta, dili lang dapat mahuman sa paghatag. We should also know the real story behind the struggle of those [on the] peripheries,” Laroa concluded.

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